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UAE: A new supercomputer will improve weather predictions.

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According to authorities, a powerful supercomputer has been created to enhance weather forecasting and overall climate research in the UAE.

On Monday, the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced the launching of the new special computer, built by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

General information

This computer is called “Atmosphere” and uses an end-to-end high-performance computing (HPC) liquid-cooled platform, the Cray EX system.

The NCM’s new computer model has been designed to provide superior performance in computing, accelerated computation, software, storage, and networking.

What makes this computer special?

This computer is built by using advanced and sophisticated technology and will help NCM’s researchers improve their actions. Thus, it has a unique feature, Artificial Intelligence, which allows the prediction of weather events to occur faster.

Furthermore, this computer has high learning abilities to process complex data. As a consequence, the accuracy of data processing and the redirection of results is much improved.

Dr. Abdulla Al Mandous, director-general of NCM and president of the Regional Association II  of the World Meteorological Organisation  said:

“With Atmosphere, we collaborated with HPE to design a significantly more performant supercomputer with targeted capabilities in modeling, simulation, and artificial intelligence, to accelerate weather and climate insights and advance our nation’s overall R&D.”

On the other hand, this innovation also provides smart alerts to ensure the safety of the people. As a result, their role is to inform the citizens about the potential hazards that the weather events can cause.

Also, Bill Mannel, vice president, and general manager, High-Performance Computing, at HPE said:

“HPE-powered supercomputers support the majority of the world’s weather forecasting needs, whether it be to improve the predictability of a hurricane’s landfall or to anticipate the spread and impact of wildfires. World-leading organizations such as the National Centre of Meteorology apply the power of supercomputing to gain insights on weather and climate that are critical to decision-making and ensuring local and national safety”.

In conclusion, this creation focuses on developing innovative technologies that are able to increase sustainability.






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