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UAE: A new app rewards tourists and residents for buying local products

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The Bounz app is rewarding UAE residents and visitors who purchase at local businesses.

About the program

City Points Loyalty Card Services LLC has introduced a new loyalty currency and unique rewards program.

Users may download the app for free and use it to spend and redeem points on a variety of goods and services. Therefore, they benefit from groceries, jewelry, entertainment, electronics, fashion, and insurance.

How the Bounz app actually works?

The Bounz app partners with foreign loyalty programs -such as Gulf News, Palazzo Versace Dubai, Insurancemarket.ae and many more- to convert and trade consumer points into Bounz products that may be used in the UAE.

With a single interaction on the Bounz app, you may book tickets. In the meantime, you can both collect airline miles and credit card points.

Surprisingly, this technology is capable of providing a borderless loyalty offering to both UAE residents and visitors.

Mark Mortimer Davies, CEO of Bounz Rewards said:

“Consumers are seeking ways they can save money and get more value from their engagement with brands. They want to continue to have meaningful experiences with their families and friends.”

Partners get varying amounts of Bounz. Alternatively, every new insurance purchase at InsuranceMarket.ae earns you 2,500 Bounz points. Because there is no spending threshold, members may quickly redeem their points and utilize them as part payment with cash.

While earning points on your flight reservations, you may also earn miles. As a result, your purchase via the app earns double benefits.

“The ability to save money through loyalty engagement has never been more relevant for consumers”, Davis said.


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