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This youthful “train” driver offers schoolchildren a gratis tour of the Expo Dubai 2020

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Emna Malouche, a Tunisian ex-pat of 29 years, leads youngsters on an incredible journey across the International Exposition.

Malouche is a supervisor aboard the “Expo Explorer” with the enrollment of a tourist guide. The yellow train converts into schoolchildren’s preferred choice.

What makes this train special?

The Expo Explorer is not just an average train. This concept’s fundaments are eco-friendly, allowing people to preserve the natural limited resources.

In addition, contrasting traditional trains, Expo Explorer trains operate by pressurized air, which eliminates pollutants.

On the other hand, this concept enables children to discover the mindset of environmentally friendly transportation:

“The train also offers kids many opportunities to discover what makes this an exceptional event by traveling through its three stations — Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity — and giving them a sneak peek of different world pavilions. Children love being on this train and I, too, love being on this train”, says Malouche

Malouche’s interest, vision, and purpose

She always dreams of making a contribution to the Expo Dubai 2020. Constantly working with customers and repeatedly helping people, she developed a high level of empathy and a deep understanding.

Malouche was a customer service agent and approaches the UAE 8 years ago:

“I came to the UAE from my home country Tunisia in the year 2013. I used to work as a customer service agent earlier.”

She also admits: “I always wanted to be a part of Expo 2020. We come here at the site much before the gates open at 10 am. I have six years of work experience prior to this one.”

Malouche wants to have any involvement in the kids’ educational development by attempting them to many pavilions she can. She is extremely delighted with their reactions and mode of view:

“Through this journey, I try to give them a taste of different things, show them the varied offerings here, which are all so fascinating. I love to see the “wow” expression on their faces, some of them look so amazed. I love this job”.


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