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The UAE is the fourth greatest place to live and work, according to a global research

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A new study has revealed that the UAE has risen ten places to become the fourth greatest country in the world to live and work.

About the new study. Other countries in the top

HSBC’s 14th annual Expat Explorer study is a worldwide poll of over 20,000 people who live and work overseas.

The great majority of expats surveyed in the UAE (82%) are hopeful that life will return to normal in the next 12 months. Besides the UAE which is number four, there are other countries that were ranked in the top. The first-ranked country is Switzerland, followed by Australia and New Zealand in the second and third place. Bahrain and Qatar were ranked eighth and tenth in the GCC.

Despite the worldwide epidemic, these statistics are significantly above the global average of 35%.

Furthermore, 53% of UAE respondents predict a rise in income and a better work-life balance (57 percent).

Abdulfattah Sharaf, HSBC UAE CEO and head of international said about the UAE:

“The UAE being billed among the top five best places to live and work globally is inspiring and a clear indication of the huge potential that drives this country’s economy.”

Why do people choose the UAE?

According to the research, the UAE’s growth has attracted many people to make it their home.

Therefore, the top three reasons given by ex-pats for moving to the UAE refer to improving life on the most important levels. Thus, these reasons are to increase their earnings (56%), advance their profession (49%), and enhance their quality of life (43 percent).

The high standard of living in the UAE tempts foreigners to remain longer than expected. As a result, the majority of expatriates in the UAE (86%) believe their overall quality of life is higher than in their home country.

According to the study, just 11% of respondents modified their plans to stay in the UAE as a consequence of the epidemic.

Although, living in the UAE provides an educational environment for children when they will learn to be more open-minded. 80 percent of people stated that their children are more open to different cultures and they have so many educational experiences in UAE.

Abdulfattah Sharaf, HSBC UAE CEO and head of international said:

“The UAE’s openness to diverse cultures and views is a key attraction for ex-pats looking to make the country their home. Expo 2020, the Arab world’s largest global event with more than 190 countries taking part, is putting this commitment to diversity and openness on the global stage”.

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