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The story of the first and only Dubai Police female driving examiner

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When Neelofer from Pakistan arrived in the UAE as a tourist in 1979, she had no idea she would spend nearly a lifetime here.

About her life in the past

Neelofer Fatima Ghiasuddin, now aged 71, lived in Sharjah with her sister and spent an entire year looking for a job. After long searches, she finally became a school teacher in Ajman and worked there for six months.

She first began driving, out of passion, at the age of 15 (times when women hardly could drive) in her hometown, Lahore.

A lucky woman of fate

Dubai Driving school (a Dubai Police entity) on Al Wasl Road was the only driving school in Dubai at that time and Neelofer heard they are looking for women instructors, from a friend in her teaching period. As she got her driver’s license in Sharjah she became interested in this opportunity.

In 1979, she came to the UAE to visit her brother and there was something that made her stay a bit longer. After 2 years, the Dubai Police selected her to be a driving instructor at its Department. Thus, in 1981 she became the first and only Dubai Policewoman driving examiner from the whole of Southeast Asia.

“There was something about this country that made me want to stay a bit longer… Before I realized it, I ended up spending a good 35 years of my life here. In fact, the best 35 years of my life.”, she said.

Her performance

The woman was promoted as an examiner after 5 years of serving as a driver instructor. More importantly, throughout the years, she has been teaching many generations of people, providing them with all the professional information that she gained.

She truly appreciated the fairness of the Dubai Police system’s who always trusted her strict judgment. As a consequence, Neelofer passed no student that did not deserve the license, even if they were Royal family members.

Neelofer was promoted to the radar fines division of Dubai Police in the last five years of her employment, where she remained till 2016.

The woman will soon be moving to the UK to peacefully live her old age with her family.


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