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Tallentex head its searches of skilful students in UAE

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Tallentex empowers students to highlight their talents while also preparing them for bigger goals and aspirations.

What exactly is Tallentex?

Allen’s Talent Encouragement Exam, or Tallentex, is an independent organization, a forerunner in competitive exam preparation, created by Allen Career Institute Overseas to hearten the students to follow their dreams and improving their talents. The students are motivated with free coaching, scholarships, and money prizes.

Opportunities and methods of evaluation

Regardless of the student’s inclination, the examinations are primarily aimed at testing knowledge in mathematics and science.

Keshav Maheswari, director of Allen Carrer Institute Overseas explains: “It is a test to see what aptitude you have in certain subjects. The results are placed in a results matrix and the top performers are rewarded for their performance.”

These exams will help the students to determine their future careers earlier: “It is important for us to identify talent and create a suitable benchmark for students. Times are changing fast and what is relevant today might not be tomorrow, so having the right coaching and mentorship really help students said Maheswari.”

All the participants have the opportunity to be examined alongside the students of India, GCC, and Nepal and benefit from training, authorized support, and awards.

After the statement of the results, each student will get an elaborated analysis. They will obtain a Competitive Success Index and according to this, each student can assess his own capacity and participate in elevated competitive exams, such as International Olympiads, AIIMS, NTSE, etc.

UAE’s Allen’s Talents Overseas is hoping to reproduce the accomplishment of Tallentex in India and GCC.


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