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GITEX 2021: 7 of the most amazing inventions from the tech show

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The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition Global 2021, started on October 17 ends today. It was a must-attend event for anybody interested in cool creative experiences and technology.

5G benefits displayed by Ericsson

Everyone curious about this new technology had the opportunity to find out much gold information. 5G is perfect for an uninterrupted game experience and streaming video calls with seamless connectivity.

Robotic Dog- friendly and…inoffensive

Jeston is another innovation presented at the event. He is the perfect partner to live with. This robot will help you with everything you need. No more animal hair and unwanted barking! But what happens when he gets mad at you? You turn his button off.

People could not believe such a creature actually exists and definitely loved it.

The VR-AR booth at Huawei

The virtual reality-augmented reality booth at Huawei technologies enabled people to interact with more than just one type of environment. The widescreen helped them to connect with the safari world. Surprisingly, they saw elephants and giraffes in real-time!

Also, visitors had the chance to explore the sky. Yeah, this may sound exorbitant…but it was possible thanks to the VR experience.

The mechanical lifesaver

This robot can be useful both in the medicine and aviation sector. On one hand, it has a sensor able to detect the motion of people’s hands. How awesome is this?

On the other hand, this innovation can as well help in scanning materials at the baggage check at the airports.

People were truly fascinated by this!

Automated servers with positive vibes

GITEX 2021 also provided a new type of robot that can smile and wink. Furthermore, this creation has sections for placing objects in its body. From now, you don’t have to worry about serving your guests because this innovation will do the whole work.

They can be feature hosts in restaurants!

Cars from the feature

There were showcased two totally different cars that are not achievable for the moment but they mark a big step in the development of the car industry.

The first one is a “leather-free” sustainable car inspired by Avatar, whereas the second is shaped like a shark and has a sensor for possible collisions. Its special feature is that the car can race in the air,  Incredible, right?




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