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Expo 2020 Dubai: Admissions are provided at no cost to caregivers and domestic servants

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The administrators of Expo 2020 decide that housekeepers and nannies would have permission to free entry to the exhibitions.

What do they need?

To benefit from this offer, women have to present a copy of their resident visas. Moreover, they need to have in possession a certification that acclaims their job title.

Expo 2020 says: “To take advantage of this fantastic offer, all they need to do is present a copy of their residency and show their job title at the Expo Ticket booth”.

Equally important, visitors under the age of 18, senior persons over the age of 60, students, and individuals of the initiative are among the other groups eligible for free admission to Expo 2020.

What does an Expo 2020 Dubai ticket comprise?

Expo 2020 tickets supply unlimited access to all pavilions. Moreover, the festivities and stage shows are offering boundless chances to enjoy Expo’s vibrant and varied activities.

The entertaining schedule consists of up to 60 live events per day.

However, they are ranging from classical music, choreography, and art to perceptive dialogue and bright national day commemorations.

How people feel about this gratuity

Several families are cheering the initiative, saying it will be a huge comfort for guests with young children who require assistance.

Children are not easy, and most people need help, especially when it comes to exploring such an enormous complex. As a consequence, Amira, an Indian mother of two visited the expo on Thursday without her children.

“It is a welcome move. I have two small kids and I would not imagine bringing them here without the help of a nannie”, affirms Amira.

Likewise, a Pakistani mother of two considers too that this decision with help a lot:

She is so excited about the opportunity for her kids and nanny to explore the beauty of Expo 2020 Dubai: “Having been to the Expo myself I can’t wait for my kids and our helper to experience it as well. I’m sure they’ll have a great time. And I’m sure our helper will be thrilled to see her country’s pavilion too!”



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