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Dubai police recovered Olăroiu’s stolen watch in Italy, worth over 400,000 euros

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In August, the Richard Mille watch had been stolen from the Romanian coach during his holiday in Milan.

Dubai police found it and returned it, as announced on Thursday on the official Facebook page.

What happened to this watch?

After the luxury watch was stolen from the Romanian in August, it was then sold and resold illegally. Circulating unlawful several times in Europe, it ended up in Dubai.

There, the watch was recovered by the Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai. Otherwise, three more suspects were also arrested.

Olăroiu is thankful for the Dubai police’s performance

The Romanian coach recognizes the merits of the Dubai authorities, saying that they always wanted society to be fair and united. He also said that Dubai is considered the safest city in the world. So, because of arab’s way of thinking, citizens are safest here and nothing can happen to them.

Obviously, Cosmin Olăroiu deeply thanked the Dubai police for their internationally recognized professionalism.

Cosmin Olăroiu says: “Dubai police showed their professionalism in recovering the stolen watch. This shows why Dubai is the safest city in the world. People live here without worrying about anything happening to them”. He also said he didn’t think he would ever get his watch back.



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