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Dubai: Over 1500 new food outlets in just 9 months

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On Wednesday, Dubai Municipality announced a big launching of food outlets in Dubai, reaching a total of 1.536  in only nine months.

Economic recovery

The COVID-19 times were very difficult, especially for the economy of the countries. As a result, the new food stores are a clear sign of a well economic recovery.

The head of the food inspection section and the acting director of the food safety department is Sultan Ali Taher.

He also calculated the number of food outlets that were established each day. Over 1500 food markets were opened in just 9 months, with an average of 5 new locations opening every day.

“If you calculate that into the number of establishments which have opened per day, it comes up to 5.5 new outlets per day”, said he.

Sultan Ali Ther stated that at the present there are 20,412 food establishments in Dubai.

Various kinds of food markets

Entrepreneurs did not set up only hotels and restaurants but tried to diversify the market. Therefore, they have launched food outlets for all types of people.

They have opened several kinds of stores. Whether healthy lifestyle lovers or willing to try new tastes, all people can find the right option for them in Dubai.

Aside from hotels and restaurants, there have appeared as well groceries, vegetable and poultry outlets, small kiosks, cloud kitchen facilities, and many more.

According to Sultan Ali Ther, post-pandemic confidence among new investors in the food sector is generally high.

“If you look at the number of Covid-19 cases, the rate of economic recovery, and with Expo 2020 happening, confidence among new investors is very high”, he said.

In conclusion, the UAE is quickly recovering from the pandemic thanks to the initiatives of its citizens.



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