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Creating a Future with Sustainable Energy

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Hitachi Energy, the technology leader in energy transmission, will build a revolutionary sustainable energy feature in the United Arab States.

How this process will be supported?

Saudi Electricity Company and the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company have signed an important contract. This contract has been awarded to the global brand, Hitachi Energy.

More precisely, this award is for the first wide-raging High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnection in the Mena. Certainly, this interconnection is expected to be generated from renewable energy sources in the future. Thus, the HVDC will enable Saudi Arabia and Egypt to interchange up to 3000 MW of electricity.

Features of the HVDC

The High-Voltage Direct Current innovation is provided with subsea cables across the Red Sea and overhead power lines. Also, the cables will transport electricity at 500 kV along 1,350km. More surprisingly, the electric power will be able to run in many dimensions between three terminals: from Tabuk to Badr as well as, simultaneously from Tabuk to Medina.

Hitachi Energy, previously known as ABB Power Grids, has created this HVDC interconnection seven decades ago and will be the first of its kind allowing the exchange of electric power between Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Unconditionally, this technology enables the exchange of electricity and also provides increased grid resilience, supporting a carbon-neutral future.

About Hitachi Energy- in the past and future

The company will also deliver innovative digital solutions with high-quality data. Therefore, these will increase the speed and efficiency for an improved working environment.

Hitachi Energy provided specially designed 72 Resibloc dry-type transformers for the famous Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world -and because of that, it has more power needs.

The company’s Global CEO, Claudio Facchin said:

“Hitachi Energy has set targets to become carbon-neutral in its own operations and it expects to hit the first-step target achieving 100 percent fossil-free electricity in its own operations by 2022”.




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