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Come to enjoy Khichan, a famous day-trip location in Rajasthan

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Khichan is a little rural town in Rajasthan’s the Thar Desert that is becoming a popular day-trip destination.

Special kind of visitors

As COVID-19 is not a problem for them, crane species are migrating every year in October in this Thar Desert region of India. Thus, since they can not live in the winter season, they migrate to Khinchan. More interestingly, the birds fly almost 5000 km across the Himalayas to reach this destination. Here, they will cohabit for 6 months, until the cold weather in their region is over.

Because of their grace, these birds are called “Demoiselle”, by the 18th-century French queen Marie Antoinette.

Indian tradition

“Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is God” is an old tradition. Certainly, Sevaram Mali, a 40-years-old man has dedicated his entire life to the safety of these cranes. More specifically, being helped by the local villagers, he makes sure that the creatures have food and they are not hurt.

Therefore, he not only prepare 2000 kg daily for their feeding, but also keeps an eye on the bird’s movement for making sure that they fly without risks.

In addition to this ordinary safekeeping, Sevaram Mali even tries to convenience the authorities to replace the overhead power line with underground cables. As a result, the creatures would be free to fly without any obstacles, especially those with longer wings.

Latterly, this man required a lot of appreciation for his efforts. He truly loves animals and he is as well, a great model for the human-animal relationship vision. Indeed, the international media have been interested in his actions.

Absolutely, this bird sanctuary is worth discovering.

A wonderful place being

Thanks to this great natural process, the Khichan destination is a fantastic place to enjoy the perfect atmosphere. Here people will love the desert, the ride camels, the cranes in a commodious town.


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