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ColossalBit of Dubai excels by winning the auction of $56,000 for “Future NFT Dubai”

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Dubai-based ColossalBit Management Consultancies has created history by investing in the acquisition of the NFT image of the world’s first Augmented Reality NFT Mural “Future NFT Dubai.

The winning of the auction. Why did the company buy this mural?

At an event organized by NFT BAZL, ColossalBit Management Consultancies company buys the unique mural at the price of $56 000, on October 11, 2021.

On one hand, ColossalBit Management Consultancies company is a major Middle Eastern consultancy and advising firm for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT. On the other hand, the award-winning artist is Amrita Sethi.

Furthermore, Amrita Sethi is the first NFT artist in the Middle East. Because she has a lot of auditory and visual experience, she is recognized for her unique style. Her special attribute is her idea of combining art and technology.

Most importantly, her technique consists in capturing the form and structure of sound waves generated by a spoken word. She paints the contours to mirror the phrase’s meaning.

Therefore, this mural is an exceptional work of art, an amazing mix of the power of sounds, technology, and creativity.

Dubai’s interest in NFT. The benefits of the relationship between the country and this concept

The worldwide NFT art movement is quickly increasing and expanding due to Blockchain. Moreover, the Dubai administration has been highly effective in supporting these technological innovations.

Also, Dubai is grateful for having the privilege of helping artists like Amrita Sethi, who is a beneficiary of the esteemed Golden Visa Residency in Dubai. The reason for receiving this Visa is that she made a huge contribution to the Digital Art Market in the United Arab States.

Ciro Arianna CEO at ColossalBit Management Consultancies said:

“We are proud to be associated with such an important ‘world first’; as well as being involved in showcasing an artist such as Amrita, who has such a unique and groundbreaking vision. Looking back in a few years, this will be recognized as a turning point in the mainstreaming of NFT art.”

Also, Christian Chalfoun, CTO at ColossalBit affirmed:

“Dubai is a city of the future, defined by its ability to constantly innovate. And I believe NFTs & Blockchain will be at the center of innovations in the future”.

All in all, Amrita Sethi’s biggest creation is the “Future NFT Dubai” AR NFT Mural, which is the first Augmented Reality NFT Mural. The ColossalBit Management Consultancies company bought this painting because is first-of-its-kind artwork.

The mural can now be admired live at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).



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