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An Indian classical musician residing in Dubai has been granted a UAE Golden Visa

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Jogiraj Sikidar, a Dubai resident, was awarded the UAE Golden VISA in the art and culture domain.

Who is Jogiraj Sikidar?

He is the founder of the Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts.

Moreover, he is a talented musician whose teachers were important figures in the world of music, such as Pt. Mani Prasad, Kankana Banerjee, Shikha Ganguly, and Prof. Rita Ganguly. Most importantly, he acquired the style of Thumri rendition of the Siddeswari Devi and Begum Akhtar.

He has been producing Indian Broadway musicals for the UAE’s largest Indian performing arts ensemble, Dubai-based Malhaar. Furthermore, in order to connect the NRI community to their heritage, in 2016, Sikidar inaugurated the Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts in Dubai.

About the award

The golden visa is an element of the UAE’s immigration plan to attract brilliant artists, investors, professionals, and academics. They might enhance UAE society and possibly migrate to the UAE, which is one of the finest locations to work and live.

Sikidar did not apply for the visa his surprise was huge: “It was such a pleasant surprise since I did not have any clue on who had nominated me, and I had not applied for the visa myself”.

All in all, this prize is a recognition of Dubai, proof that the country encourages artists to develop their talents.

“This visa ensures my belief that Dubai is a cultural melting pot of the world where talented artists can flourish in the field of creativity”, says Sikidar.

The artist stated that this country had a big contribution to his career, showing him a lot of possibilities:

“I moved to Dubai from India almost sixteen years ago and made the emirate my home. To be honest, my musical career flourished in Dubai ever since I decided to give up my career in broadcast media, become an artist full time, and set up Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts. The country has given me so much and I am grateful to the leaders of this country for their vision”.



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