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Al-Ain Zoo open again its gates for the guests during daylight hours

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Both animal lovers and all the people interested in the world of those creatures have the opportunity to reenjoy the facilities this place offers.

On Sunday it was declared that Al Ain Zoo from UAE is again accessible to be visited, respecting all the COVID-19 conventions.

Program and point of interest

The daily program allows visitors to get into the zoo every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

This place is full of life, joy, nature and affords people to learn while having a great time. Visitors could admire Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, which promotes a multitude of movies and shows, African Safari, Elephant Safari, could relax on Penguin Beach or have fun at the Reptile Park.

Unique and interesting activities

Visitors can also take part in different activities, like feeding animals, exploring the garden, and have a lot of funny experiences in the Crocodile and Hippo display.

This zoo hosts approximately 4000 wild species and it is characterized by stunning landscapes with amazing, living vegetation everywhere. Here can be learned what is actually the natural habitat of animals, how they feel, and what is the best way to interact with them.

The director of the zoo, Al Ameri, also encourages people to visit this place: “We warmly welcome our visitors, who now have more time to enjoy various experiences and tours, whether within the zoo, at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre of Al Ain Safari.”

Al-Ain Zoo is an opportunity for discovering the real beauty of wildlife.


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