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Abu Dhabi: An Italian artist aims to humanise technology through its art

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Fabrizio Plessi is creating a name for himself with his “digital wall” at the public opening of the Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi.

His story and ideas

Fabrizio Plessi is an 81-year-old globally famous video artist with strong perspectives about life and art. He was a teacher at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany which taught there the humanization of technology.

A truly important element for him and his art is the water since he lived in Venice-the “city of water”. Living there has made him much more agile, fluid, especially when speaking of creativity.

Because the characteristics of water became part of his way of being, he was keen to use this symbol in his works of art.

Plessi said:

“I have been working on the theme of water for decades. I live in Venice, the ‘city of water’. Since living there, I have become more fluid and elastic like the water as it’s the main element there. Water is a super important element for me and my art”.

He is a philosophy lover and has a great affinity for metaphors. Therefore, by using technology, he aims to create analogies between art and life through his art.

You need to think outside the box when you admire its creations.

“This is a very emblematic piece. You don’t have to see this work as a physical piece on water. But it is a metaphor of our lives. The liquidity and fluidity are always the same. In this flow of water, sometimes a stone falls, and then the water changes color. This is metaphorically our lives.”, said him about one of his digital production.

Culture- the most important thing for him

Traveling to up to 30 countries a year, he got in touch with several cultures. Therefore, he gained a lot of knowledge and experience by discovering a lot of places and traditions.

He displayed works at nearly 140 major museums in Paris, Madrid, Cologne, San Diego, New York, and more. For the exhibition of the Italian Cultural Institute in Abu Dhabi, he also provides another digital masterpiece, a presentation of his book, My Life in a Book, with 1,000 images, projects, and artworks.


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